“Empathy” in Lithuania (Nov,2021)

“Empathy” in Lithuania (Nov,2021)

     On the first day, the first meeting of the mobility was held in Vilnius with the participation of all teachers. Then they visited Democratic school which follows the Summerhill model by creating unique and different working methods and environment for learning. In afternoon we had cultural program in the old city of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania to learn about more about the country and its history.
     Second day, we have started with introduction of Panevezio "Vyturio" progymnasium. The students from the 4a (24 students) and 8b grades (8 studnts) (the 3 students with special education needs included in the classes) made a welcome concert with traditional Lithuanian dances and orchestra. Later the excursion at school was organized by the students of Students Council. The activities of live library and the school were presented. Before lunch we visited STEAM center in Panevezys. Participants teachers created decorations for the Cristmas tree by making chemical experiments there. In afternoon we got the information about Panevezys and special education need students education in the region in the Panevezys municipality. Then short excursion in Panevezys center through the host school was organized by geography teacher. At the host school The relaxation room was demonstrated and the participants tryed special equipment what is used to adopt the environment to special education need students. Also they understood how special educators works and what kind of the material they use in helping students to learn.
    Third day the first activity implemented by Estonian partners Maria SAMBURENKO and Natalja ALEKSEJENKOVA. The students painted with ink in creative way and made a present to their friends. At the second lesson, Katia CANCELA and Jose RIBEIRO from Portugal made activities about judo, mathematics and art. Then teachers from Turkey Sıtkı Zaralı Primary School Kadriye ŞİMŞEK and Sevda ERTEKİN made a creative drama workshop including conversations and games about emphaty. English and Theather teachers from hos school demonstrated the integrated lesson with 8b class (25; 4 SEN students included). In the afternoon cultural trip organised to Anyksciai.
    Fourth day, Rasa KUPRYTE and Inga NAVICIKIENE made a workshop about fear with the teqniques which we observed during the previous LTT activities of this Project. Then teachers fromTurkey Halit Narin VET School Mükerrem ORTAAKARSU and Nevra ATLI held a robotic dance activity and rhtym workshop with traditional materials from Turkey. The participants visited The Solidarity coffee project in The Youth Center which is for mentally retarded youth. The discusion about youth education, possibilities for leisure time was organized In afternoon the meeting of all partners coordinators was organized to discuss the Project activities, the next mobility. The certificates giving and evaluation of the mobility in Panevezio "Vyturio" progymnasium were organized.

    In this activity titled empathy held in Lithuania STEAM and conversation activity were organized with participant teachers. In addition, they participated in a special school where a different system was applied, a social services institution for young people with special education needs, a STEAM center, municipality visits and cultural trips. These studies have allowed teachers to diversify their educational techniques and gain experience through learning by observing and experimenting with new practices. Special education students participated in the activities with the participation of the whole class due to the rules of Lithuania's education system and the covid-19 measures in those days. In this way, a total of 183 students, including 20 special education students, participated in the activities. Special education students participated in two creative drama, forum theater, painting and gift preparation, art, music and judo activities with their classmates. Students in these activities; They prepared gifts for each other through art, experienced being in each other's place with the role change in judo activities, completed an art activity that was started by Portuguese students before, and thus discovered that cooperation and group work can be done despite distances. In the creative drama activities carried out by forming different pairs with the rule of not choosing close friends, the students experienced empathizing with their friends with whom they preferred to communicate less. The rhythmic music studies performed together allowed special education students to participate in an activity that would increase their adaptation to the group and society. In the Forum theater event, the students played a role on the theater stage to diversify the ways of helping an oppressed student solve his problem; thus, they had the opportunity to analyze a social event by experiencing and discussing it. A report was kept by the teachers about the work done.



In 2018 in classes from 1 to 8, 730 students are being taught by 70 teachers.

School vision

It is a school of brave, smart creators of their own and their country‘s future.

School values

Everybody is important .

Personal and school achievements are important for today and future success .

Non- stop purposeful learning.

Everybody‘s responsibility, citizenship and high culture standards. Benevolent partnership.


School mission

Panevėžys „Vyturio” progymnasium in collaboration  with students parents, is creating a smart environment for active experience sharing and learning , gives basic education, educates a citizen with high feeling of citizenship and culture level, encourages every student for the success and creativity in the changing society.

“Empathy”  in Lithuania (Nov,2021)