Narva Pähklimäe Gümnaasium- ESTONIA

Narva Pähklimäe Gümnaasium- ESTONIA


     Located in the North-East of Estonia Narva Pähklimäe Gümnaasium provides both basic and upper secondary education. In 1973 the school started as a high school.

     In 1991 it became an Upper Secondary School and in 1993 the school changed its name to Narva Pähklimäe Gümnaasium. In 2019/2020 the school has 1004 students and a well-established, hardworking and creative team of some 80 teachers. Compulsory subjects are taught in two languages: Estonian and Russian. Language immersion programs in Estonian and English languages are implemented starting from the 1-st grade. Elective courses are provided at all school levels on different topics depending on the needs of the students and future graduates' plans. Electives include Economics, Information Technology, extra classes in Biology, Mathematics, Social Studies, Start-ups, Creative Interior Design, and German and English languages. The school has a well-established support system: a social -teacher, a school psychologist, speech therapist, library board, information technology office. A variety of project activities are implemented supporting integration processes in Estonia and Europe, which promote a healthy lifestyle, support children with special needs and develop students' language skills. The school has developed a solid working system with students who have interest in exact and natural sciences. As a result, students regularly participate in different levels of academic competitions and demonstrate stable high results. Students take part in the school, the city and the republic's olympiads, and even represent Estonia in international competitions.

Our achievements in the sphere of ICT:

  1. Students have taken part in ICT olympiad in 2017-2019 and finished in the top 4.
  2. A student participated in the International ICT Conference and got a 2nd degree diploma in 2017.
  3. There are 3 optional courses on offer in the school 3D modelling (Tinker Card, Blender), Programming and Robotics (Lego Mindstorms EVA3, Little Bits, Blue Bot).
  4. The school has a special class in years 6 & 7, where such classes as ICT, Robotics and Mechatronics have been added to the curriculum.
  5. Teachers have actively been using the ClassVR equipment for learning purposes and we are looking to start producing our own content for ClassVR by students and teachers.

Our activities in environmental projects and research:

  1. In 2014 a student has won the gold medal at the 22nd International INEPO Olympiad.
  2. Participation of the students in world-wide GLOBE programme 2015-2018, where they were in the top 3.
  3. Students participated in Estonian Environmental Research Contest and were in the top 10 in 2017.
  4. Students’ research works in different fields of studies from linguistics to chemistry, from arts to biology, many of which have practical implications.
  5. Participation in local, national and international competitions in natural studies.

Our achievements in the field of sports:

  1. The school has received the award as the most successful and active school in sports in the city of Narva for the last 5 years (2014-2018)
  2. The school teams of different ages have won competitions in volleyball, football, basketball at the city level and have been in the top 3 in Estonia in football in 2018.
  3. The school organized “School Olympic Games” in 2015
  4. The volleyball team of teachers (3+3) has participated in the international teachers’ team tournaments and is currently ranked 22nd in the country.
  5. The school has joined the network of Estonian Schools Welcoming Movement (Liikuma Kutsuv Kool) in 2019 and is actively promoting healthy life style and movement outside and inside classrooms.

We are open to international cooperation in projects and initiatives that will support our students and teachers in their development and will be connected with our priority areas.

NPG has the experience in international project work:

  1. ERASMUS+ KA2 “School as a Launch-Pad of Your Career” 2018-2020
  2. ERASMUS+ KA2 ”Are we really social with social media?” 2019-2021
  3. ERASMUS+ KA2 “Social activities are necessary for special education needs?” 2019-2020